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With DVD Shrink Software your can backup any CDs / DVDs. Moreover today you can also back up any Blu-Ray for a top quality vision! The result of the Shrink will be saved on your hard-disk. You can save it in many different formats, even for your smarphone!

In few clicks you can backup your entire Movie Collection



DVD Shrink Software has a very user friendly interface. You can now backup your entire movie collection in few clicks. Try it for FREE today this complete Software.

Compatible with any Windows version


Compatible with any Windows version it’s extremely easy to use. Re-Authoring makes you save time and space, in fact you can now choose with languages, subtitles and extra features you want to include.

What do I get with DVD Shrink Software?


With DVD Shrink Software you get a complete tool which allows you to back up on your Hard Disk  any CD, DVD and Blu-Ray.

You can choose the output format and you can choose the quality of the output, so that you can manage the space that the file will take on your hard disk and the output quality.

Use also the DVD authoring to create a DVD video capable of playing on a DVD player. The DVD Shrink authoring software is conform to the specifications set by the DVD Forum.

DVD Shrink Software is capable of both re-authoring and re-encoding the movie.

The user friendly interface and the customer support 24/7 will help you to find any custom solution you may need. Try it for free and get your movie collection back up on your computer.

Compatible with:


DVD Shrink Software is a basic yet so important tool which is used to get the backup of the content of CD/DVD to your computer. Not just the size of the file, you can now get a better vision quality of the saved data. Moreover, the Blu-Ray discs, which holds high quality picture content, can also be backed up with this DVD shrink software in order to keep the quality intact, even when compressed to desired size. DVD shrink software let you choose the specifications of the data you’re backing up according to your needs. Along with the number of compatible formats, in which data could be saved, you can now choose what output quality you need so as to manage the size that backup file is going to take on your hard disk.

A typical backup software use to direct user to a new page at every step during the procedure not just making the process slower but also can frustrate the person. Well, that’s not what you’ll have to face with DVD Shrink. DVD Shrink has a user friendly interface that makes it easy to use so as to let the user have the backup in just few clicks.

Compatibility is also not an issue anymore as DVD shrink software is compatible with every version of windows & doesn’t demand any special system requirements. Not just it helps you save time but also let you save some space on hard drive & let you chose the language of the backup file. If there’s a video file in the DVD, you can add or remove subtitles in the file & also let you modify other elements in the video.

DVD shrink 3.2 is the latest version of the software and let you backup your files in more independent way. You can get the backup of your files from one CD/DVD to any other CD, DVD or be it a BLU-RAY disc for that matter, without transferring it to your computer. Faster and easier process! Right? So you don’t have to worry if the new CD/DVD would be supported by your DVD player or not, if you took the backup by using this latest version DVD shrink.

DVD shrink 2018 has all the new features & let you work with any of the following formats: avi, rm, mov, vob, m2ts, mts, mpeg, rmvb, vob, wmv, asf, flv, mpg, qt, mp4, mpeg4, ogm, 3gp, asx, wma, m1v, m2v files and it’s also capable of converting video files to avi, mpeg4, zune, iPod, android, 3gp, psp, quick time, flv, windowsmedia. Even the android supported formats have been added to DVD conversion with an improved conversion quality.

So, next time, before taking the backup of DVDs, install new DVD Shrink & save time, space & efforts.

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