FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about DVD Shrink Software

DVD Shrink Software main features brake down

  1. Integrated Playback to be able to watch any Movie using DVD Shrink.
  2. Full screen vision is also included.
  3. You can now convert any DVD Video fine in any format you need.
  4. With the Re-Author function you can now choose which Subtitles, Languages and extra feature include.
  5. The conversion speed has been improved to save you time and money!


Main DVD Shrink Features:

  1. The Re-Author feature is now improved with a better graphic interface.
  2. Much faster coding and decoding operation resulting in a faster overall Software.


Check out the latest new features:

  1. Dvd Shrink Software can now work with any: avi, rm, mov, vob, m2ts, mts, mpeg, rmvb, vob, wmv, asf, flv, mpg, qt, mp4, mpeg4, ogm, 3gp, asx, wma, m1v, m2v files and it will able to convert video files to avi, mpeg4, zune, iPod, android, 3gp, psp, quick time, flv, windowsmedia
  2. Android format added in the DVD conversion and also the conversion quality is now improved too.
  3. Blu-Ray conversion is now possible


How to use DVD Shrink?

Dvd Shrink software it’s extremely intuitive. The user friendly interface has been build to be used by anyone. But if you still have doubt you can check our video tutorial, our manual.

Moreover our Customer Service will be happy to assist you anytime you need them.


Can I still keep the original format of a DVD?

Yes, DVD Shrink Software now provides the Full-Disk mode. By using this you will keep exactly the same format and size of the original DVD. So you can keep the same format for the main trace but also all the others (Ex. Audio, Subtitles etc). However the main purpose of DVD Shrink is to keep the same quality of any DVD, CD or Blu-Ray but using a different format which will use less space.


What Re-Author means?

This feature make possible to decide what to include in a new DVD, CD or Blu-Ray and what to exclude so that you will save space and you could even include 2 or more DVD in one!

What DVD Shrink Software does?

With Re-authoring and Re-encoding you can now select what do you want to include in a DVD or CD, what to exclude. Not only that, but you will be also able to choose the compression ratio and consequentially the output quality. All those function are really easy to put in place.


How do I uninstall DVD Shrink?

Like any other program you need to go to Control Panel. Uninstall Software, find DVD Shrink, right click on it and press uninstall. For any other question do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support.


Is DVD Shrink Software compatible with Windows?

DVD Shrink software is compatible with any Windows Version on the market.




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